Partner Program Overview

The Windward Partner Program creates opportunities that enable you to grow your business by partnering with WIndward Software, a leader in Point of Sale/Business Management Software.

Windward System Five is a Reseller's dream

System Five is a high end inventory control, point of sale and accounting system that is designed for many different vertical markets such as computer stores, lighting showrooms, furniture stores, small parts and service shops, garden centers, clothing stores, and many other types of retailers and wholesalers. With experience dating back to 1984, Windward has incorporated many specialized solutions into their Windward System Five package.

Resellers know the benefit of filling vertical market niches - they get happy customers. But it's not a simple chore to learn a new piece of software for each customer. Windward System Five's use of "soft switches" give the software the appearance of being designed for each vertical market, making the customers extremely happy. But each vertical market solution is based on the same internal engine. Instead of learning a new package for each customer, the reseller need only learn the additional 10% for that specific vertical market. Truly a win-win solution for the customer and the reseller.

Many software packages claim they can operate in these different businesses, but only Windward offers the extra functionality for a wide range of specific business types. For example, Lighting Stores need to keep track of house orders, builders, owners, and special orders for the new owners who pay the difference from what the builder selected. Windward's specialized solution (see solves these problems and has become the leading software solution for lighting stores.

Windward has a unique partner program that creates a solid partnership with its resellers. They will actually help sell the software by performing joint demonstrations with their partners to the customer. Once the sale is done, the partner can optionally walk away, leaving all the setup, training and support to Windward's expert staff.

Windward products range from the low end SpeedyPOS which retails for $345 to special versions of Windward System Five for large networks with multiple locations retailing for over $100,000. Businesses starting small can easily upgrade as they need to, paying for only what they need, when they need it.


Three Levels of Success

With three different levels of partner participation, there is a business model that will work for a variety of different companies. Full Partners must be certified on the software and are able to offer training and support as well as sell the complete line of software programs. Associate Partners receive a commission on products, training and support; however Windward Software Inc. provides all the training and support to the end user. Associate Partners can concentrate on selling and do not need to develop training and support departments. Access to in-house product specialists to help with the sales process and demonstrate the product to potential clients is also available to both levels of partner. The Speedy Partner Program is available for those who want to specialize in SpeedyPOS sales only. This product is an entry level version of Windward's flagship product, Windward System Five.

There are many benefits of becoming a Windward Partner that you simply won't find in other business opportunities:

• Minimal start-up fees
• No inventory requirements
• Fair territory restrictions
• No capital investment in office or warehouse space
• No employee expenses or requirements
• Reasonable minimum quotas to fill


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