Partner Expectations

Good news travels slow, bad news travels fast. In order to protect our reputation and ensure the best opportunity for anyone on the Windward team, we choose our partners carefully. Below are some of the characteristics we look for.

Knowledge of Point of Sale and Small Business Practice
Our customers are professionals looking for knowledge, advice and help. Partners must have a strong understanding of the industry and the business issues that the client is facing in order to gain the customer’s trust and ultimately their business. We are looking for computer VARS, consultants or accountants that have demonstrable experience in point of sale, inventory control, or business management.

Windward System Five is a full featured program and is unlike much of the competition. Although very easy to use, to be able to sell to, or support the customer, you must be prepared to spend the time to learn the tricks, shortcuts, and special features that make this system so powerful.

Understanding of Computers, Networks, and Hardware
Windward System Five runs on dedicated networks such as Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Terminal Server. You must have a good understanding of these networks. You should also be proficient in diagnosing and repair of hardware problems. We also expect our partners to have a clear understanding of routers, firewalls and anti-virus software.

Understanding of Standard Business Practice
Much of the training that we do with customers involves using our program to solve standard business problems. As such, you must have a good understanding of what goes on in a business, including inventory control, point of sale, purchase orders, bar-coding, price labels, special orders and so on.

Understanding of Accounting
You must have a clear understanding of accounting methods, including what happens in accounts receivable transactions, accounts payable transactions, journal entries, month end entries, etc. You don't have to be an accountant, but you should be able to handle the basic day-to-day bookkeeping.

Ability and Time to Train Customers at Customer Site
If you are applying to become a full dealer, then you must have the time and flexibility to travel to the customer’s site to do the installation, setup, training and support. If you are in a retail store and are 'trapped' in the store during working hours, then please do not apply. Our business customers need help with hardware, network, and software issues during their business day.

Offer After Hours Emergency Response
We all hope it doesn't happen, but systems crash. As this is mission critical you should be able to provide the support to get them up and running again. We expect our partners to have an emergency contact method available to their clients.

Answers to Typical Questions

As a Partner, what am I expected to offer to clients?
Windward expects its dealers to be able to promote Windward software locally through direct sales efforts. The dealer must also offer hardware sales, network support, and installation services.

Will Windward authorize my company if I sell competitive software?
Maybe, we realize that many software packages fill a particular niche. But, when distributing leads or recommending dealers, a preference will be placed on dealers that focus on Windward.

Where can I sell Windward Software?
You can sell Windward anywhere in your general area. However, sales methods are limited to direct sales only. Sales by mail order, over the Internet, by auction, etc. are not permitted.

Is there a minimum quantity I must sell to maintain authorization?
We expect dealers to be able to sell six copies annually as a minimum, however we realize that large projects and other commitments can affect a Partner's sales and we take that into account when reviewing performance.

How many dealers will there be in my area?
Our intent is not to flood the market, however, we reserve the right to authorize as many dealers as we feel necessary. This varies based on population, dealers past performance and areas of expertise.

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