Marketing Overview

Windward Partners receive professional marketing efforts. CD's and priority technical services; -- everything you need to begin or grow your business.

Windward brands are sold in more than 20 countries. Clients of all business types utilize our products.

Mission and Values

The Windward Partner mission is to be widely recognized as a leader in the Point-of-Sale and Business Management industry. To earn that recognition, we strive to be:
• an indispensable partner to our retailers and other customers
• the most desired partner for strategic alliances
• a consistent source of financial performance and returns for our partners

Core Values

Give our customers a fully integrated business management system….
Our philosophy is to have a one write system where data is entered once and can be viewed from many different angles or functions. A prime example is how lines on our invoices flow into the general ledger, inventory control and customer histories. Another example is our contact management system being fully integrated within Windward instead of being an external system. In the future, we will need to have a payroll system that achieves these same goals as that will allow us to expand into manufacturing type businesses.

Own and control our technology….
We are a software developer, so we develop our own software, our way. If we had tied to an external accounting system such as AccPac, we would have limited our options within the software and be subject to AccPac’s success or failure and their whims in the market. By having the source code and control, we can better serve our customer’s needs. This is why we are developing our own e-commerce package as it gives us the control we need to properly import and export our data.

Be Proactive to our customer needs….
We listen carefully to our customers to find out what they need in the software and then customize the software to fill those needs. Our customers are a great source of information on how each vertical market operates and their opinions are much more important than copying features from competitors. In the past, we have been reactive to our customers, waiting for them to tell us what they need. Moving forward, we need to be proactive in our customization for each vertical market…That is, ask our customers questions, dig deep, anticipate their needs and develop the software aggressively for each vertical market that we go after.

With all due respect, the customer is not always right….
It’s our responsibility to train the customer in the best way to use our software within their business. Many business owners are used to doing things either manually or with older software. If we let them continue with those processes without exposing them to the benefits of the options within Windward, we’re doing them a disservice. Our trainers, support people and programmers need to look at the problems the customers are having and suggest the best methods to solve those problems. Ed Mucci of 4M furniture did not want to use separate ledger numbers for each sub category. He yelled that he was the customer and he was right. A year later, he saw reports from other furniture stores and wanted to know why he did not have those reports. When told he had the chance but refused, he countered that we should have insisted he use our method! The customer is not always right.

Treat our employees as assets….
While we do have to pay our employees twice per month, they are not liabilities, they are assets. Being a knowledge based business, our strength comes from our employees. When it takes from 1 to 3 years to fully bring an employee up to speed, we have to consider the amount of time, effort and training that has gone into that employee and how much it will cost us if they leave. We need to treat our employees with dignity, respect, and compassion to help them be happy, satisfied people. Our assets leave the building every day and we need to ensure they return every morning. Building a fun, dynamic, exciting work environment helps develop teamwork where the employees will look out for each other and pitch in when needed. The relocation of the Westbank office to Kelowna is in support of this core value as it will reduce the commute time for a number of staff and will be a key asset in the hiring of new employees.

Be aggressive in our growth….
Every day, we need to look forward expanding our markets, gaining new sales, and increasing our revenue. As we grow, we need to add functionality to service the new vertical markets so that we’ll become the logical choice for businesses in these markets. Companies never stay the same, they either shrink or they grow. We choose to grow.