Levels Of Partnership


Level 1 – The Associate Partner

Associate Partners resell Windward System Five, and leave the training and support to us. Associate Partners are paid a commission on Windward System Five sales. Of course you will also generate revenue by providing hardware and networking services. If a customer has a problem with the hardware, Associate Partners must be available to offer 'warm body' support by traveling to the customer’s site and getting the system back online. Windward provides all the software support and customer training.

Associate Partners are expected to ensure that the system is installed in such a way so that Windward Support Staff can connect to the system over the internet using PC Anywhere. In this way, we become a team – you provide local 'warm body support' and we provide remote software support.


Level 2 – The Full Partner

Full Partners are certified by Windward Software Inc. to provide training and support on behalf of Windward. Your income opportunities increase due to an enhanced commission structure and the ability to charge for training and support. Of course you still get all the other business that is generated in this type of transaction.

We expect that Full Partners will already be experts at installing and supporting networks based on Windows 2000 Server and/or Red Hat Linux and/or Novell.
To become a certified Full Partner you must take a week-long Windward Dealer Training course and pass the certification test.You will then be expected to spend more time on your own learning the software intimately.

Full Partners are required to fully install, train and support their clients, however Windward will back up the Full Partner with support and additional training as required.
Terms of the Partnership are negotiable based on the vertical markets and/or territories you wish to sell into. There is a fee involved to become trained and certified.


Associate Partners with proven track records can apply to become Full Partners.