Features & Benefits


Do you sell or support computer hardware and networks to businesses?

Competing with big box discounters such as Costco, Office Depot and Staples is no way to make a living. The way to ensure a reasonable profit margin is to sell a solution that your customers need and value. Businesses are looking for quality software and service and don’t mind paying for the peace of mind that comes with a quality product, represented by a trusted local contact.

Why sell Windward System Five?

The market is huge. This software will give you another reason to contact your existing customers as well as expanding your client base into new markets. Businesses have major problems with point of sale, inventory control and business management that the low end systems just cannot handle. Many of our current clients have outgrown software such as Simply Accounting, MYOB and Quickbooks and are actively looking for alternatives that won’t break the bank. Windward System Five is designed from a business management point of view, is affordable and can pay for itself quickly.

Vertical Market Solution Selling

Although the software can be adapted to most markets, we have vertical market solutions that have been specifically designed to handle the needs that are unique to these markets. When Windward System Five is installed in a furniture store, the system handles their particular needs, such as special ordering and commission calculations. In an outdoor power equipment business, it has the ability to track open work orders, mechanics and print claim checks. By selling solutions designed exactly for the business in question, you’ll be able to close the sales faster. With all the associated hardware, networking and installation, it can be a very profitable sale.

We will help you

We’ll make it easy for you. You can sell the software, hardware, network and install the system for the customer. We’ll take over from there, and perform the customer training and support. With software such as PC Anywhere, we can connect to the customer’s system over the internet, view their computer, and talk to them on a separate phone line. This feature allows us to train remotely and we are then able to train in small blocks of time over several weeks or months as the customer's needs dictate. We back it all up with a team of support personnel, so that you can concentrate on your work and not have to learn a whole new system before you can generate extra income.

How will you make money as part of the Windward Family?

By leveraging the benefits of our program, you will be able to:


add new revenue streams by expanding your product line
secure new business through real time leads and referrals
earn commissions from product and support sales

Program Benefits

toll-free priority technical support: access to our knowledgeable technical support representatives for help supporting Windward Products.
pre-sales support: direct access to Windward's sales specialists for assistance with pre-sales efforts.
dedicated management team: the Windward Partner Programs are staffed with a management team devoted to making the programs interactive, vibrant and profitable - we don’t take your money and run!
partner web site: when you become a Windward Partner, you'll receive a special access code to gain entry to the private Windward-Partner web site. This site hosts discussions and invites participation among your industry peers on topics of importance, offers valuable
information on marketing opportunities, and provides product news to keep you up-to-date at all times.
marketing materials: to help you in your marketing plans, our product sales sheets, magazine review reprints, Windward brochures and logos are available for approved mailings and marketing events.
trial versions and product spec sheets: your initial partner program kit will include Windward's trial version CDs to help you attract new clients. You’ll also receive vertical market product spec sheets to help you sell Windward products to your clients and prospects.
resale options: Partner Program members are eligible to purchase copies of Windward software products at a discounted price for resale to clients.
support and upgrade protection plan: we make available to you an enhanced technical support plan for resale to your clients at a competitive price.

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